Genuine Influence? Or Sheer Ego?

I’ve been following Fast Company’s Influence Project with great interest, primarily because I’m still trying to figure out exactly what it is they’re trying to accomplish. I get the whole point of using your social media influence to generate quantitative data that proves that people listen to what you say. However, this project leaves me scratching my head, despite their intentions of creating a viral campaign.

And This One Time…at WordCamp…

Bright and early this past Saturday, geeks of all kinds converged upon the OSU campus for what my husband likes to refer to as a “lovefest for dorks.” WordCamp Columbus 2/PodCamp Ohio 3 served up its usual offerings of sessions for bloggers, podcasters, and social media afficianados. Of course, I had a hard time picking what sessions to attend, but here is a recap of some of my favorites