Normal is Nothing but a Setting on the Dryer

Let’s face it — nothing about this moment in time is normal. The pandemic has shaken up our lives in many ways: many people are working remotely, others have been laid off, and kids are learning remotely while dreaming of the time when their lives can finally go “back to normal.”

Feel the Fear

I firmly believe that we need to do things that scare us in order to get to the next level in life. Unfortunately, those moments don’t happen without experiencing even the tiniest twinge of fear.

Birth of the Big Idea

Steve Jobs once famously told students to “stay hungry, stay foolish.” I love that because to survive in this industry, you have to stay curious. Constantly take in new information and ask questions. Being curious also means being collaborative and working with people who view problems differently than you do. And to stay curious, you have to be able to change—whether it’s adapting how you think or trying a new method, take what you’ve done in the past and build something bigger.