Making the Rounds

I’ve been doing a ton of public speaking lately, and I’m always excited to do so. For some reason, it fascinates me that I can get a room full of people to sit and listen to what I have to say, especially when it comes to social media, which is a topic that I am extremely passionate about.

In the interest of total disclosure, I actually love being invited to speak and have no problem doing it. When I was a teenager and frequent pageant competitor, I usually won or placed very well in speech and interview competitions. In fact, my nickname was Miss Microphone, as in, “give her a microphone and she’ll talk for hours.”

So, without further ado, here are my slides from this weekend’s presentation at Digital Media in a Social World about how to find a job using social media. Thanks to Doug Dangler, the Social Media Society and the Center for the Study and Teaching of Writing at THE Ohio State University for being such gracious hosts!

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