R.I.P, David Bowie

The passing of David Bowie hit me in unexpected ways today. While I adore his music, I think what I most admire about him is his unrelenting creativity. In the 60s, he was a red-haired gay man in a dress, being yelled at on the street by thugs. Several years and a few albums later, he was the same guy in a better dress, and people actually wanted to BE him. He was bizarre, yet brilliant. That’s the affect Bowie had on people – it was suddenly cool to be authentic.


Here he is at 17, then known as David (Davy) Jones, being interviewed on BBC Tonight as the founder of The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Long-Haired Men.


Blog Trends for 2016

While blogging has been around seemingly forever, bloggers have always been influencers in some capacity. Bloggers have always utilized their unique position to help build brands and establish, and I see that continuing to expand over the next year, particularly as the more entrepreneurial bloggers will take advantage of their influence on other platforms, as well. In general, posting to Instagram or Twitter is infinitely less time-consuming than blogs, plus gives real-time engagement and measurement, which is why I see brands leveraging these partnerships more and blogs less.

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