3 Ways You Can Collaborate Like a Champ

As I like to tell my 10th grader when she whines about a group project for school, life is a group project. Every genius is part of a great team and they build on the discoveries of others. Real collaboration is transformative ­– get it right and you could find yourself doing the best work of your career.

The Art of Collaboration

Collaboration and communication are buzzwords in many job descriptions. However, I’m pretty sure that if you tell a group to collaborate on a project, the natural instinct is for each person to stay in their own lane, whether it’s copy, design, UX, etc.

Normal is Nothing but a Setting on the Dryer

Let’s face it — nothing about this moment in time is normal. The pandemic has shaken up our lives in many ways: many people are working remotely, others have been laid off, and kids are learning remotely while dreaming of the time when their lives can finally go “back to normal.”