Vital was introduced by Abbott Nutrition as a competitor in the GI tolerance nutrition category. Vital was positioned as being scientifically superior, while its competition was portrayed as being outdated and stale. The branding that my team created for this B2B campaign demonstrates this by drawing on imagery from when Vital’s competitor was created – a walkman that eats mix tapes, a boombox that takes a ton of batteries, legwarmers, headbands, brick cell phones, etc. In addition to the brochure, web banners, and electronic sales aid, the campaign also incorporates an extensive email marketing campaign.



  • Branding
  • Copywriting
  • Digital Copywriting
  • Marketing


Please click on link/thumbnail to view samples

Electronic Sales Aid



Web Banners

Vital 1


6-Panel Brochure

Vital 2 Vital 3


Email Campaign

Vital 4 Vital 5 Vital 6 Vital 7 Vital 8 Vital 9

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