Coming Soon to a Geek Near You

Did I mention that I want this for Valentine's Day? 'Cause I do!

Remember how nameplate necklaces festooned the necks of fashionistas everywhere a few years ago, thanks to the fabulous ladies of Sex and the City? Thanks to Survival of the Hippest, you can now shout your twitter pride from the rooftops…or at least across the room at a tweetup with these ultra-cool twitter ID necklaces. Available in silver or gold, diamonds are optional, and you can further customize with specific fonts, chains, metal, and bling. Bracelets, anklets, and pins will also be available in the near future.

Shouldn’t They at Least Change Their URL to

There are so many things that disturb me about the social network BeautifulPeople, which is like for the genetically blessed. The site’s copy reads:

  • Do looks matter to you, when it comes to selecting a partner?
  • Do you want to guarantee your dates will always be beautiful?
  • No more filtering through unattractive people on mainstream sites
  • Meet beautiful people locally and from around the world – now
  • Attend exclusive events and private parties

Yep, it is shallow and membership is purely subjective – potential members are granted access after a 48-hour vote by existing members of the opposite sex. It actually reminds me of, which first surfaced years ago.

Then, I discovered the following article about how the site dumped over 5,000 members because of unsightly holiday weight gain. Sigh. Ordinarilly, I’d say something profound about how social networks are for everyone, but I guess when you sign up for a site like this, you’re pretty much asking for it.

When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Turn it Around

Does your company care enough about its customers to rebuild a bad product? And, if you did rebuild it, how would your customers react? Domino’s Pizza has long been plagued with customer complaints about their product quality and found themselves asking the same questions.

So over the holiday season, in a classic move that needs to be required reading for B2B marketers, Domino’s did more than just improve their product – they went so far as to tell people about it. To do this, they utilized traditional advertising, in addition to a social microsite – What did Domino’s learn from this?

Always be honest with your customers. Who likes being lied to? The only thing worse than being lied to is being ignored. Domino’s had the guts to fess up: they had ignored customers and sold bland or bad tasting pizza. It seems like a simple sentiment, but it has powerful effects.

Boost Your credibility with third party social media endorsements. Sure, you’d like people to only say good things about your product, but how realistic is that expectation? Domino’s knew this and they included a live Twitter stream on to hel convince people to try the new pizza. While not all of the tweets were positive, they are at least realistic and credible.

Be remarkable by doing what others won’t do. If you want to command respect and be the company that customers are talking about, your company has to be willing to do things for its customers that no one else in your industry would do.

Oh, Domino’s…I used to love you. Now, I adore you.

2 thoughts on “Coming Soon to a Geek Near You

  1. Sandy says:

    I ordered one for myself for Christmas. Then told my hubby what he got me. I didn’t open it when it came in the mail…he wrapped it and I didn’t see it until Christmas morning. Love it!

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