Gross and Brilliant at the Same Time

At some point last week, I was flipping through the channels and came across a commercial I can’t stop thinking about – not so much because of its outright brilliance, but because of the shocking grossness of it. If you have not seen the Boost Mobile “Unwronged” commercial, allow me to enlighten you: a couple is riding on a bicycle built for two, happy as can be. The woman does all of the talking and she is shown in a sleeveless top with red hair streaming out behind her. It took me a moment to realize that…OMG…that hair is not coming from under her helmet…and it’s slapping her husband in the face! You read that correctly – Boost employs the use of armpit hair (“…just a little gift from Mother Nature!”) to sell their mobile service. Sadly, I was so shocked that it didn’t even dawn on me that the commercial was for a mobile phone company.

Maybe I should not have been so shocked – Boost routinely disregards convention, and what some might call good taste, in its commercials.

So, back to “Unwronged.” It’s nauseating, unforgettable, and completely on-brand – all signs of a great campaign, if you ask me, just as long as it doesn’t run at a time when I’m eating. My only real criticism about the spot is that the call to action gets lost amid its shocking creative. As for Boost’s next campaign, might I suggest that it not feature flowing body hair? Blech!

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