Dietary protein intolerance is when a child cannot properly digest specific proteins in the foods they eat. This causes extreme discomfort to the child and is frustrating for both the parent and physician to treat. With the goal to generate greater awareness and engagement around the benefits of EleCare, a new brand strategy was developed for Abbott Nutrition to position the product as a hypoallergenic nutrition powder to help infants and toddlers with hydrolyzed protein digestive problems.


Following Origo Branding’s research phase, three campaigns for the new brand were developed and tested, with The Clear Choice emerging as the winner. This new brand was developed and applied to a variety of patient and hospital marketing tools, such as educational materials for parents, marketing tools for healthcare professionals, and other outreach tactics.



  • Brand Guidelines
  • Copywriting
  • Concept Development
  • Customer Research
  • Messaging Strategy
  • Paid Search
  • Print


Creative Direction: Tommaso Ciaffoncini

Art Direction: Sandra Goh

Graphic Design: Karen Hagans


EC1Elecare 4Elecrae 3

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