My New Favorite Website

elvis at walmart
Yes, kids. Even the King shops at WalMart

I know it’s just plain wrong to laugh at people, but is just plain hilarious. Will/should the discount doppelganger squash the site? I hope they don’t, and it’s not just because I’m easily amused. Yes, the site mocks the more eccentric WalMart shoppers, but it also went viral virtually overnight, which puts WalMart in the collective conscious of potential consumers. There isn’t enough money for that kind of publicity.
Thought Leaders and Other Marketing Wunderkind
As many of you know, I have been involved with the Community Marketing Blog since May when I competed in the blog-off. We have recently relaunched the site. To see what we’ve been up to, as well as discover some of the findings in our little social media experiment (and show me some love as I wrote this entry), check it out here.
What is a Facebook Friend Worth to You?
So you want to be a Facebook rockstar and have a grillion friends, but you just don’t have time for the legwork? Well, today is your lucky day – online ad firm uSocial can help you. Pay them and they’ll make you appear to be big on Facebook – in fact, they’ll deliver you 5,000 Facebook “friends” for 7.6 cents per friend (or a mere $654.30), or up to 10,000 Facebook “fans” for a mere 8.5 cents a fan (or $1.167.30).

Speaking of Facebook, the social networking site is testing a lite version of Facebook. Try it here.
According to a study by ComScore, online video consumption is up in the morning and late night dayparts. Anyone else not shocked? However, that’s something to keep in mind if online videos are part of your marketing arsenal.

And Finally, a Little Joy Just Before the Weekend
The outro movie from the long-anticipated Rock Band: The Beatles game. Enjoy.

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