Nepro is a therapeutic nutrition product specifically indicated for people on dialysis that helps patients regain protein lost during treatment. Our creative team was tasked with creating materials that were patient-facing, such as newsletters, to help inform them about how to incorporate Nepro into a healthy lifestyle. We also created pieces specifically for physicians, such as trade show displays, print pieces, and scholarly pieces, plus a sales aid for Abbott representatives to detail from while speaking with physicians and C-Suite level personnel.



  • Copywriting
  • Digital
  • Medical Writing
  • Print
  • Sales Aid
  • Trade Show


Please click on thumbnail to enlarge

LCD Display

Nepro LCD


Knowledge LadderNepro Knowledge Ladder


Sales Aid

Nepro Sales Aid 1 Nepro Sales Aid 2 Nepro Sales Aid 3 Nepro Sales Aid 4 Nepro Sales Aid 5 Nepro Sales Aid 6

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