ALDI is one of the largest grocery retailers in the world and in 2008, they instituted an advertising campaign, which they had not done in several years. I was fortunate to be part of the team that brought ALDI to life on TV screens across the country in a series of ads, ranging from a musical production to a series of three vignettes depicting ALDI as the smart choice for those who would like like to save time and/or money.


As part of the campaign, I suggested that the ALDI division we we working with consider also running radio ads to complement the TV campaign. The ads that I suggested were based on an epiphany I had while shopping in one of their stores while researching for the TV campaign. In addition to writing these ads, I also helped cast voice talent and supervised during recording sessions.


During the campaign, I was asked to create a piece that would serve as a cover to a DVD of the commercials that would be provided to ALDI executives. This content not only lived as a DVD cover, but also as a poster and speaking points, and also appears from time to time in stores as a handout to customers.







Cookout Headquarters_








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