The Day I Went Sleeveless to an Interview

Last week, I had an interview for a job, so I planned my outfit down to the last detail. I was going to be the epitome of lady-like style in my jacket, dress, perfectly polished pumps, and sleek hairstyle. Mother Nature and my car had other plans for me: all week, the weather was about a thousand degrees and the car has no air conditioning and currently has a predilection for overheating. Lucky me.


Knowing that I was in for a hot ride to my interview, I set out to find an outfit that would keep me cool and potentially conceal any sweat stains. However, the sleeveless dress I chose required me to break the cardinal rule of interview attire: always wear a jacket. Meh. I could live without a jacket, right? So, I went…gasp…sleeveless to a job interview! The interview itself went great and perhaps I impressed them with both my ideas and my fashion moxie.


Why am I telling you this? I guess it’s because that moment of panic in front of my closet led to something of epiphany about all of the other times I had been too afraid to break the rules, even a little bit. I’ll be honest—the idea of breaking the rules and doing something unexpected scares the beejeezus out of me. But maybe that’s a good thing.


So, here’s my challenge to you. Do something this week that scares you, just a little bit, and report back. I want to know what it’s like for you when you reach your toe ever so slightly outside your comfort zone. That could mean reaching out to an old friend you haven’t talked to in years, reconnecting with a lost love, calling the HR lady to find out why you really didn’t get the job, etc. You get the idea. Post your stories here.


In the meantime, breathe into a paper bag. You’ll be just fine.

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