The Worst and Weirdest iPhone Apps Ever Created


I admit it – I’m a total dork when it comes to my iPhone and all of the available apps. This week, I discovered the wonders of Regator. Of course, I also came across some real clunkers that have me scratching my head.

Basically, think of this as “Am I Hot or Not” for the iPhone generation. In a sense, it’s leering (or people-watching, depending on your inclinations) at its finest.

For the man who wonders why his lady friend is acting strangely this week, iCycle allows you to track the menstrual cycle of that special lady (or up to 5 ladies) in your life.

Upon first impression, Nicado seems innocent enough – it tracks and reports your exact location and lets the world know precisely where you are. Perfect for the ultimate narcissist who feels the need to let people know where they are every minute of the day. Also helpful for stalkers and freaks to track you down.

This is an application I just don’t get. The makers bill it as the ultimate keg party where the beer never runs out, but seriously, what is the point of virtual beer? And to pay .99 for it? Why?

Offender Locator/Sex Offender Search
This handy dandy app let your inner OCD run free by letting you know when an offender has moved into your neighborhood and where they work, etc. Sometimes, I think there’s such a thing as too much information.

If you need to exact revenge on your annoying coworker, then this is the app for you. It lets loose a series of annoying sounds like a jackhammer, crying baby, siren, chainsaw, and chewing. Beats opening one of those foil packs of tuna and crackers in your cubicle, doesn’t it?

This is one of the creepiest apps I’ve ever seen. For realz, it’s a virtual voodoo doll. All you have to do is import a photo of someone into iVoodoo and then stick ’em with virtual pins. And to make it even more ghoulish, here is the description:

iVoodoo is the answer to your magical and spiritual needs. In today’s society it can be difficult to whip out a voodoo doll and stick it full of pins … That’s where iVoodoo comes in. Just launch the app and you’ll be manifesting destinies in no time at all.

To add to the creepy fun, you can customize five dolls, you can choose from seven different pins, and there’s a pin management system, among other things. Long story short, someone takes this voodoo stuff a little too seriously for my comfort level.


In case you need to step up your stalker game, check out MobileSpy. This app allows you to  surreptitiously monitor everyone who contacts you. It runs as a background app, and automatically tracks and records SMS messages, phone calls, and GPS locations. It enables the user to track down where a SMS is sent from or where a phone call is coming from. All data are automatically uploaded to a separate website where a user can access it.

If you’ve been cursed with a shy bladder, behold the wonders of iPee


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Kudos to client mywebWOW!, who launched their sweet refurbished website last night. More things (read: BIG things) are coming for the MWW team over the next year, so please check out their site and consider them for your web needs.


Late to the Party

So I’m a little late with this, but John Hughes was one of my heroes during my teen years because his movies captured teen angst so perfectly. What you may not know is that he was a copywriter at Leo Burdett in Chicago before making his way to Hollywood. Click here for a touching tribute from a former colleague.

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